¡Bronze medal in XTERRA France 2019!

As you know on Sunday July 7, I have competed in one of the most important tests for me in the X-Terra calendar, with the international test of France and I want to share with you how everything went. Honestly, I am very happy, even though I have not been able to win as in the previous years, but I assure you that to get the bronze, I have given everything.

There was nothing else in me and at least today, finishing third, I am totally sure that I could not have taken a stronger stroke, get one more watt in any of my pedals, nor could I have run a second faster. That is always the challenge and my commitment to all the people and brands that support me, give them everything and that is what I have done.

The human body is not a machine and although I prepare myself and take good care of myself, there are days when the rivals are at their best, you do not have the best feelings yourself and the only option is to assume your superiority to fight to get the best out of it. what do you have that day Today the race was expected long and hard … and this has been the case.
Like other years I have tried to go from less to more. The swimming has gone as expected, I really swam well and I came out with good rhythm, but curiously in what is my strongest sport, when I started the bike I realized that I did not have the strength to follow Forissier and Serriere.

Normally I usually make the best partial, but today they have been very superior, so I have no choice but to rethink the strategy, I have set my pace and tried to lose as little as possible and above all concentrate and not make mistakes or take excessive risks that will lead me to fall or damage my bicycle, which is very common when you have a physically bad day.

When arriving at the second transition, to the change of the bike to the race on foot, I was off the podium with two lost minutes, which at this level is a world. I have concentrated a lot to suffer the most and even having a bad day has left the tremendous work that during these months I have done with Ahinoa Murua to raise my level both in swimming and in the race on foot … and I have been able to reach Maxime Chané to be able to finish third.

Being honest, for a day with these sensations I give myself more than satisfied to be able to enter the podium and be with two triathletes who have made it very clear to me that the level in these tests is maximum, that they follow me very closely and I They give much more value to all the editions I’ve won these years.

The learning and the experience have been very good, a third place is really good and it motivates me so much that I am already thinking only about the next test, X Terra Italy, that unlike this one that was only a week after the Championship Europe, now I have two weeks to recover and do some quality training to refine my preparation a bit more.
Thank you very much to everyone for your support.

Bronze medal in XTERRA France 2019