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3rd position XTERRA MAUI 2019 World Championship

⏩ 3dr position XTERRA MAUI 2019 ⏪

Hello everyone

Already calmer but still catching my breath after the hard test of Maui, I send you the video statements edited by courtesy of our friend Chus Castellanos on the beach and the track.

It is almost never possible to be able to say what one feels of a career even with the pulse through the clouds, it may be the most orderly because you leave many things without saying or you risk saying others in a little accelerated way, but it is certainly the most authentic … And if with anything I stay from the summary of the test yesterday, it is with the feeling of satisfaction of being able to continue so many years dedicated to the elite sport, of being able to be ahead, of having the motivation to go out to compete to the maximum of my ability and even if I don’t win, I know for sure that I gave the maximum, that I was just defeated, that this bronze tastes like glory to me and that triathlon in all its forms still likes me as much as the first day … or more.

Today, more than ever, I thank all the brands that support me, my beloved family, my work team and of course all those who are there unconditionally sending me encouragement with all your illusion, which is mine.

Thanks (swim), thanks (bike), thanks (run). Now it’s time to rest.

A huge hug from your friend Rubén Ruzafa.

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