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XTERRA World Champion

I have the privilege of being able to run with INOV, the best brand of off road shoes on the market and I think that, as soon as you know the brand, we all agree that it is like that. I want to show you the two models that I have chosen to train and compete this year, Trailroc and Roclite, which have contributed in a key way to my improvement the last part of the catalog of models and options for all the needs in multiple disciplines that INOV offers. of all the triathlons in which I compete.

INOV is my sponsor, but I always start from the basis that I can not reach an agreement with any brand that does not meet the needs demanded by elite sport and in this sense, I assure you that I could never have had better material: technological, effective, developed by people who run at the top, with many options for each specific need … Now I run with more confidence and speed than ever and in addition to the sacrifice and effort that I put in each training, I owe it in large part to this trade mark.

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