Ruben Ruzafa won the ITU Cross World Championship for the third time in a row followed by the American Josiah Middaugh and the New Zealander Braden Currie in Snowy Mountains (Australia) on November 19.

Losing a minute and a half in swimming was not inconvenient to get the first place in the bicycle sector. A technical circuit that benefited Ruben to take time to his pursuers and to face the foot race with enough advantage to proclaim champion another year.

The final time of Ruben, after 1.5 kms of swimming, 32.8 kms of bicycle and 10 kms of foot race was of 02:34:25, taking more than 3 minutes to the second classified.

Now it´s time for a well-deserved break to face the new season and the challenges ahead.

World Champion ITU 2016