Xterra Spain 2014 development can be much better. After reflect, I choose to add. I will write an email to organization with my tips to improve. I love Xterra and I desire a great Spanish Xterra Tour.

Here is some news about how the Championship went:

XTERRA Planet: “Ruzafa and Ebenova win XTERRA Spain”.

Mundo Deportivo: “The man from Malaga Ruzafa and the Czech Erbanova win the XTERRA National in Cartagena”.

Diario Sur: “Ruzafa regains his title of the XTERRA national“. “Ruzafa and Erbanova win the XTERRA national in Cartagena“.

Diario Axarquia: “Rubén Ruzafa paints the XTERRA with the colours of Axarquía“.

Diario del Triatlón: “Rubén Ruzafa wins the Spanish XTERRA championship“.

Bike Zona: “Ruzafa and Erbanova XTERRA champions of Spain“.

I’m also leaving a video that summarises how the trial was on Teledeporte.

Thanks for all your support and congratulations. I work every day to give my best and I know that I’m there thanks to all the people who have believed in me.

This triumph is also yours.

National Champion XTERRA Spain 2014!