¡Bronze medal in XTERRA Maui 2019!

30/10/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡Champion XTERRA China 2019!

23/09/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡2nd position XTERRA Czech 2019!

04/08/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTerra Czech, European Championship 2019

02/08/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡XTERRA Champion Italy 2019!

29/07/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡Bronze medal in XTERRA France 2019!

12/07/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡European Champion ETU Cross Triathlon 2019!

29/06/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡2nd position ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship!

30/04/2019/by Rubén Ruzafa

4th position XTERRA Maui 2018

28/10/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

¡Champion SUBARU Duatlón Cross 2018!

04/09/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Czech 2018 Champion!

17/07/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa
Rubén Ruzafa - ITU Worlds 2018

ITU Cross World Champion 2018!

12/07/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA France 2018 Champion!

04/07/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Portugal 2018 Champion!

04/06/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

Bronze Medal in Xterra World Championship 2017!

02/04/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa
Rubén Ruzafa - Xterra European Tour Championship 2017

Xterra European Tour 2017 Champion!

02/04/2018/by Rubén Ruzafa

Runner-up at ITU Cross World Championship 2017!

25/08/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Norway 2017 Champion!

09/08/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA France 2017 Champion!

05/07/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa
Rubén Ruzafa - Xterra Switzerland 2017

Runner-up at Xterra Switzerland 2017!

27/06/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Belgium 2017 Champion!

19/06/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Portugal 2017 Champion!

05/06/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Spain 2017 Champion!

22/05/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Greece 2017 Champion

08/05/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA Reunion 2017 Champion!

20/04/2017/by Rubén Ruzafa

ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion 2016!

02/12/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

Desafío del Buda 2016 with my friends of Trops!

31/10/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

Runner-up at Xterra World Championship 2016!

26/10/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA European Champion 2016!

22/08/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

XTERRA France 2016 Champion!

16/07/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

ETU Cross Triathlon European Champion 2016!

28/06/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

Roberto Sunglasses – Rubén Ruzafa Edition

09/03/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

Annual visit to Specialized España 2016

03/03/2016/by Rubén Ruzafa

Podium at XTERRA World Championship 2015!

04/11/2015/by Rubén Ruzafa

ITU Cross Triathlon World Champion 2015

27/09/2015/by Rubén Ruzafa

Rubén Ruzafa & Trops. The secret of a champion

23/07/2015/by Rubén Ruzafa

The mountain biker triathlete and his Opel Mokka

27/05/2015/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA USA 2014!

22/09/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA Axarquía – Costa del Sol 2014

02/09/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

ITU World Champion 2014!

18/08/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA Czech 2014!

01/08/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA Italy 2014!

28/07/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA France 2014!

07/07/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA Switzerland 2014!

30/06/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

National Champion XTERRA Spain 2014!

02/06/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

Champion at XTERRA Portugal 2014!

02/06/2014/by Rubén Ruzafa

World Champion XTERRA 2013!

27/10/2013/by Rubén Ruzafa