XTerra Czech, European Championship 2019


Hello everyone!

There are very few hours left for a very intense weekend in the Czech Republic.
This week has gone as planned, the trip has gone well (I could never thank all the facilities that my friends from Europa Travel give me) and all the material arrived well, in time and in perfect condition.

Yesterday I recognized the bike circuit, which this time is harder and more technical than last year, which is also wet and that complicates it more.

There are several descents with roots that I like and in which I think I can take advantage, although I will have to be very focused so as not to make failures in the form of a fall or breakdown, that’s why today I went to take the last look to learn the best traces and be very attentive to complicated table areas.

The swimming circuit is two laps in the lake of Kristanovice, which is a lake of dark waters, of those that give more respect. It is something irrational, but not having any visual or light reference when you carry your head in the water, between intensity, “anger” and the adrenaline of being competing, is something that you always have to mentalize.

Then the circuit of running is in Prachatice, two laps, which really is not very hard, I better those of strength and technique, alternating forest, meadow and road, with a loop in the center of town.

The truth is that I feel good and I think I will have a good performance, now win? That will tell the race because of course I will not have anything but nothing easy. At the start I will be with Bradley Weis, Forissier, Serrieres and Kocar, among others … and that is a lot of level because being all very strong in all sports, as I do not have the perfect day … What is certain is that whatever we are going to suffer to the fullest

The race is tomorrow, Saturday, August 3 at 12:00 am, you can follow on facebook / xterraeurope. Then on Sunday there will be a short track, which is a cross triathlon supersprint, 300-10-3, 2-4-3 laps in technical and explosive circuits, at 2:00 p.m. and you can follow it on facebook / xterraeurope.

As always, wanting to try me.

Thank you all for your encouragement and support.

XTerra Czech, European Championship 2019